meet the team


mike lowe

managing director

From day one, Mike has been our main man in the office. As
co-founder and owner, he looks after McBrimar’s ‘big picture’, overseeing the entire operation. Never too busy for a site visit though, he still takes a keen interest in each of our new builds and can often be found on location undertaking his own progress report.


Before co-founding McBrimar Homes, Mike forged a successful career in banking and finance in Dunedin and Auckland — experience that comes in handy when helping clients tweak plans to stick to their budgets. Away from the office, Mike can be found with his little lad Austin or down at the North Otago Golf Club. Often, both — they’re never too young to get on the green, right?




Kristina has been with McBrimar Homes since the early days, and her job is to tell our family story. Before moving to Oamaru with Mike in 2018, she worked as a graphic designer for several high-profile Auckland businesses and magazines. Now, Kristina applies those same skills to our marketing and communications. It’s a role rich in variety, but she particularly enjoys designing the show homes.

Though she is a bit short on spare time these days — courtesy of Austin and Maggie — she loves getting out into Oamaru’s unique nature walks. On a Sunday afternoon, you’ll often find her down at Scott’s Brewery with Mike and the little ones, enjoying the live music in the sun.




Dan will be your first point of contact at McBrimar Homes. He’ll guide you through the initial process from design and site placement to interior and exterior specifications. It’s these early planning stages that Dan enjoys the most in his work; building a strong client relationship so he can gain a thorough understanding of what you’re looking for in a new home.


As a father of two young boys, you can expect to find Dan and his family outdoors or on the water in the weekend — hopefully with a big fish on the line. 




Shannon coordinates closely with our entire team to monitor the details of each build. From the initial house plans to handover, he enjoys watching our clients’ excitement grow as their build progresses. Working in line with Rick most days, Shannon ensures each project is running efficiently and keeps everyone on the same page.


An avid sports fan, Shannon spent several years playing cricket in the UK before returning home to New Zealand. With two daughters at home keeping them busy, Shannon and his wife, Fiona enjoy spending downtime with friends and family, often over a barbecue where you’ll likely find Shannon experimenting on the grill.




We first met Paula when she built with us at Waiareka Park in 2018. Starting part-time, it became clear that her administration skills and impeccable organisation were exactly what our office was missing, and she quickly became a full-time member of the team.

The only woman known to keep our McBrimar lads in tow, Paula works to ensure all of our builds are running on track. She is the grandmother we all wish for and bakes the finest date scones in town. As a keen musician, Paula often has her family over for a weekend jam session, followed, of course, by fish and chips.




Pete is our resident numbers man. Taking charge of the business’ accounting, he works in the office alongside his lovely wife Paula and Mike. Though he spends most of his time behind the screen, his favourite part of the job is watching clients’ plans evolve from paper to reality.

At home, he takes on the role of proud grandfather very happily, though he refuses to let it slow him down. Instead, he likes to train for endurance events, even taking on a half iron man at 60. 


fred pembroke


Let’s talk numbers: Fred is here to estimate the price of your home build. A man of many talents, his skills are not limited to number crunching. He spends his spare time restoring old furniture, undertaking a slew of manly tasks with his grandson or helping to raise the net profit of the local cafes.


As a man of the world, Fred has visited 35 countries to date — 28 of those from a bicycle seat. He’s a loyal Guinness drinker and proves his Southern man credentials with a record of shearing 400 sheep a day in his youth.




When Courtney Forbes was a little girl, she used to play house. But not in the traditional Mum, Dad, three kids and a dog way. Instead, she would force her sister to be a ‘client’, hiring Courtney’s construction company to design a home. It seems it was only a matter of time before Courtney’s career brought her speeding in our direction.


As McBrimar Homes’ Design and Marketing Assistant, Courtney looks after our brand identity. She captures what we do and how we do it by producing advertising materials, online content and photographing our builds — the ‘before and after’ snaps being her personal favourite task.




Look, if we’re honest, Austin is a bit useless on the tools. More partial to a banana, dancing and babbling to visiting clients, we keep him around for morale. With construction in his blood, he already idolises our builders and is rarely seen without his wee plastic hammer. 




Daughter to Mike and Kristina and little sister to Austin, Maggie is the youngest member of our McBrimar family. Though she may be small, this wee girl has already racked up a wealth of

building experience — predominantly in the toy block department. An absolute delight to have on-site, she does tend to take liberties with her breaks and has been found napping on the job on more than one occasion.