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Why Choose a Fixed Price Contract

Here at McBrimar, we specialise in Fixed Price Contracts. For many people, particularly in an unpredictable economy, this is the preferred way to build. A Fixed Price Contract means you know what to expect financially, right from the outset, giving you, and the bank, peace of mind. No guesswork, no financial surprises, no hard work, just a beautiful home ready to enjoy.

A Fixed Price Contract for your proposed new home is based on a set of plans and a specification as agreed with you in advance. The price, plans and specification form part of the contract document.

The major benefit of a Fixed Price Contract is that regardless of industry price increases, build timeframes and anything else that may arise, the price will not change unless you make a change. This takes the stress out of building, giving you peace of mind knowing you won’t be out of pocket by the end of your build and helping you to enjoy the process.

Fixed Price Contracts also provide the benefit of clearly identifying exactly what is included in the price. It also outlines what is not included, helping you to budget for these outside of your contract. Our Fixed Price Contracts include all building costs and internal fixtures and fittings. The only things not included are your fridge, washing machine, drier and curtains. We can also include any landscaping work, for a complete "turnkey property", or as we like to call it, 'The Full Service'.

There will usually be a few items in your fixed price that are allowances and therefore aren’t technically “fixed”. These are items that are extremely difficult to price accurately, for a couple of reasons. One, due to customer preferences varying widely, for example kitchen joinery design and bench top selection, which is bespoke in your McBrimar build. In these instances, we allow an amount we believe will allow for a good quality finish in line with your overall house specification. If your kitchen design was to come in over budget, you have the opportunity to either accept it and pay the additional amount or modify the plan to get the price back within your allowance. The other reason is due to pricing of items being impossible to fix at the time of pricing your home. With McBrimar, these instances are rare, however when these occur, we will allow an amount that covers current pricing plus any projected price increases. Once the contract is signed and any engineering is completed, we will order these materials to minimise the effect of any price increases. If your bank needs these to be 100% fixed, we can accommodate this, the pricing process is just a little different.

When seeking approval from your bank, Fixed Price Contracts are the way to go. Using a reputable builder, ideally one who belongs to an organisation such as Master Builders is also helpful when it comes to getting the bank on your side. As Master Builders, McBrimar have the necessary policies and guarantees in place to ensure in the extremely unlikely event that we cannot complete your build, Master Builders will step in to get it completed for you. This is the confidence you need to get the tick of approval from your bank.


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