McBrimar Homes are proud to be the eHaus licensee for the Waitaki region. By joining eHaus, we are licensed to build some of New Zealand's healthiest, comfiest and highest performing homes in the Waitaki and Mackenzie area. As the industry leaders in Passive House design and construction, eHaus maintains a collective responsibility to take care of the environment without sacrificing the comforts of your family's every-day life. Every eHaus is built using the International Passive House design software, resulting in happy, healthy homes.


Passive House is an internationally recognised building standard that delivers a building that requires very little energy for space heating or cooling. The result is a home that provides a warm and comfortable living environment which consumes between 75%-90% less heating energy than a conventional house.


Passive House has been adopted in more than 60 countries around the world with far greater extremes of climate than we experience in New Zealand. The team at eHaus have invested hundreds of hours to translate the Passive House model across the 18 different climate zones in New Zealand. The clever part is in each climate region the internal comfort and consumption of energy is the same. Whether your eHaus Passive House is in Northland in the middle of Summer, or Southland in the middle of Winter, the internal temperature of every room stays between 20 – 25 degrees. Providing you with a healthy, warm and comfortable environment for your family to live.

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Each region in New Zealand has a team of builders that take care of the construction, knowing exactly what it takes to create a high-performing Passive House for your region. Every eHaus is designed and built purpose-fit for its environment, no matter where in the country it sits.

We live like our environment is a privilege and protecting it is our responsibility. We love this slice of paradise that we call home, and we don't take our responsibility of protecting it lightly. As a company, we are committed to making sure that the homes we create leave only a little impact on the land that we live in.