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To Build or not to Build?

If you’re asking yourself, “should I build?” then our Top 5 Reasons to Build could help.

1. Designed with You, for You

At McBrimar, we believe that investing in a new build is an intelligent means of

future-proofing — especially when it’s built to the highest standards with no surprises. By following our 7-Step Design Phase and collaborating with our experienced interior designer, we create a home unique to you and your family. That means no renovating after you move in. Your new home will be personal and comfortable from when you first turn the key.

2. No Hidden Costs

At McBrimar, we specialise in Fixed Price Contracts, meaning you know what to expect financially right from the outset. This gives you (and your financer) peace of mind with no guesswork and no financial surprises.

3. Taking the Time to Listen

We believe building should be fun. So we promise to take our clients on an exciting journey towards their dream home. We understand that building is a major decision with many considerations, so we’re proud to deliver The Full Service. This allows you to relax while your Project Manager takes care of all the details, dealing with architects, council consents, Master Builders, and subcontractors.

4. Warmer, More Efficient & Less Maintenance

New homes with double or triple glazing are warmer, drier, healthier and more cost-effective to heat than older Kiwi houses. It’s good news for your back pocket and also means less maintenance (AKA chore-free weekends).

5. Master Build 10-Year Guarantee

Master Build stands for quality and integrity. It’s a system designed to ensure your home is built to a high standard that will last the test of time. Only a Registered Master Builder like McBrimar can offer you the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee. This full coverage kicks in when you sign a contract with us and guarantees a decade of protection. It covers materials and workmanship, loss of deposit and non-completion, and structural defects. So you can rest easy at night knowing we’ve got you covered.


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