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Not Sure Where to Start on Your Building Journey? Read This.

Building or buying a home is a big commitment and, most likely, the biggest investment you will ever make. There are many things to consider, and we understand that it can be difficult to know where to start. Here at McBrimar, we have many offerings and something to suit everyone, it’s just a matter of figuring out which is best for you! We’ve broken down these offerings to help you understand what your options are and which suits you best so you can start your building journey!

Do you own a section or are you looking to secure a section?

Great, you’ve got a head start and are well on the way to your dream home becoming a reality! If you’re still looking to secure a section, we can help too. As development and construction experts, we have a wealth of knowledge about what makes a section suitable for construction and how best to go about building. If you’re considering purchasing a section to build a home and have questions or concerns, let us know. We’d be more than happy to look at the section with you and provide feedback from a development and construction perspective.


Whether you already own land or you're looking to secure a section, you’re after what we call a Design & Build package. Whether you’ve got a sketch on the back of an envelope, no idea at all, or even if you already have plans from an architect, our experienced team is ready to jump in to make your dream home come to life. The design process is very exciting, and it's so rewarding to see your vision become a reality. If you’re not feeling particularly creative, we have a wide range of tried-and-tested home plans that are a great starting point. And of course, you can tweak and alter the plan until your heart’s content!


With our Design & Build packages, we can take care of everything from earthworks to landscaping. And all for a fixed-price, of course!

rural view out the window of a home under construction

Do you own property with subdivision potential?

You may not have considered this as an option, but if you own property that could be subdivided, we can help! If this sounds like you, there are two main options – use your spare land to build a home, or let us take it off your hands.  

Subdivide your land and build

If you own a property and would like to subdivide and build on it, we've got this! Perhaps the lawns are getting too much or you don't have time to maintain the garden anymore. As your experienced local developers, we have years of experience in small and large-scale developments and take care of everything from planning, consents, earthworks, construction, and landscaping. You may be surprised by the possibilities: subdivide your land to build your dream home, a house to sell or a house to rent. This is a great way to turn something that may be a burden into a bit of extra pocket money.

Sell your land to us

If you have subdividable land but are not looking to build, we can help too. Talk to us about purchasing your land to subdivide and build on. We always have clients looking for sections, and yours could be just what they're after. This way you get a bit of pocket money, and you can rest easy knowing your land is in good hands. The whole process is taken care of and you no longer have to spend your weekends maintaining the property. It’s a win-win!

As subdivision experts, we’ll take the guesswork out of the process by taking care of everything for you – subdivision design, council consents, earthworks, services and construction. 


So how do you know if your land is subdividable? Great question – every piece of land in New Zealand is zoned as either residential, rural-residential or rural. Each zone has a minimum section size. In the Waitaki District, residential sections can be a minimum of 300sqm but can be even smaller under some circumstances, rural-residential can be a minimum of 1 hectare and rural sites a minimum of 4 hectares. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll take a look.

birds-eye view of a subdivision plan

Are you dreaming of a new home but don't have land?

Don't have your own land? Don't worry, we do! As your trusted local developers, we have a range of sections available around Oamaru and chances are we have something for you! You have two main options here – purchase one of our Home & Land Packages or Design & Build a custom home design on one of our sections. 

Purchase a Home & Land Package

Our Home & Land Packages are pre-designed specifically for the site, and may even be under construction already. If you're worried about the decisions involved in building or perhaps are under time pressure, this may be the perfect solution for you. Our fixed-price packages come with everything you need to move right in, including driveways, decks, lawns, and fencing. All you need to sort is your curtains, washing machine, dryer, and fridge. We can make the design selections for you, or if you're feeling creative, you'll have the opportunity to customise your home with our interior designer if you purchase the package in time. We always have a range of packages under construction and have plenty more in the pipeline so if you can’t find something that suits your needs, let us know! 

an Oamaru Stone new build

Design & Build on our Land

Looking for a section to build your dream home? Look no further! We have a wide range of sections available around Oamaru, which are the perfect blank canvases for a bespoke build. Work with our design team to bring your dream home to life, or use one of our tried-and-tested plans as a starting point. As usual, we’ll take care of everything: planning, consents, earthworks, and landscaping. And all tied up in a fixed-priced contract.

aerial view of a new subdivision

Ready to start your building journey or need help deciding which of our offerings is best for you? Let's chat!


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